Propose Day

Will you be mine? Please say ‘Yes’! – Happy Propose Day

Propose Day is here for you. Love is blood pumping through your heart. Love is the beat that you skip when you see their face. Love is the butterflies in the stomach that do not stop till you talk to them! Love is exciting and amazing. It rejuvenates your soul and puts you on a new path. But the passion needs sustenance through validation.

Togetherness is often confused with being together. The trend of staying above the tags is widespread these days. However, not endorsing your relationship is like trying to drive a car with a handbrake pulled up. Unlike popular belief, making a relationship official does not trap you with each other. On the contrary, a tag gives you clarity and a chance to move further.

In this spirit of celebrating commitment, the second day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as the Propose Day. It falls on February 8. This is a deciding moment of your week’s journey as further advances depend on it. Couples willing to move a step ahead in the existing relationship have a golden chance on this day. The singles wanting to get committed can take their chances without offending their cherished ones.

Love may exist between two people, but the ecosystem of the relationship is affected by several external factors. The impending parental pressure to marry, unresolved ex issues, potential suitors, the social group dynamics and so on affect the nature of your bond knowingly or unknowingly. So, for the peace of your mind, transparency is advised. Propose them and see how it goes.

Proposals are usually thought of as a permanent step and often associated with marriage. This concept may seem modern, but it has been around for 100s of years. The subtleties of the proposal have varied over time.

There are some unique traditions of the proposal followed in different countries. In Ireland, every woman has a chance to propose on the leap year. The famous tradition of going down on one knee by the guy dates back to the Middle Ages. The knights use to get down on one knee as a sign of honor and adoration. This sentiment has been carried forward to date. Modern times have created some new customs also.

E.g. Remember the infamous proposal by Monica to Chandler in F.R.I.E.N.D.S? It inspired a whole generation of women to follow their desire and claim their love.

For your Proposal day, you can try something one of its kind too. But you need some pre-preparation for this. Find out about your bae’s interests, their inner desires, unfulfilled wishes, favorite food, places, entertainment preferences and the like. All this can give you an insight as to what might surprise them. Remember, your goal is to sweep them off their feet. So, the element of surprise is inescapable.

Proposal Ideas on Propose Day

Here are some distinct proposal ideas to try on this propose day.

  • Photobooth Proposal: This is a great way to capture the before and after moments of the proposal. Find a photo booth and take her there. Its pretty common with Valentine’s week theme so they might not even suspect. And after 2-3 photos, pop the question. The look on their face will be captured in pictures and you can savor them forever.
  • Flash Mob Proposal: This one is a pretty cool way to pop the question. You can include your friends and some random people. Select a public place, song, and routine. With this magnitude of a surprise, there are very few chances of rejection. Make sure you get someone to take good photos.
  • Tech-savvy Proposal: You can you some good graphic software yourself or take professional help and create a personal video with cool animations and your candid pictures. If your beloved is a tech lover, they are going to be happily stupefied.
  • Home Proposal: This is the most cost-effective and intimate way to propose. You can start by having a homely date. In the middle of your favorite movie or show, you can simply pause and ask the question. Queue in your favorite couple song in a smart speaker or your phone in advance and play when they say ‘Yes’. This organic moment will make your ordinary home, a place filled with love for you.

After the proposal style, the most important thing is what to say? The ambiance, ensemble, music, timing, etc. everything can be perfect but wrong words can overshadow them in moments. These are some of the common wordings you can use based on the nature of your proposal.

  • Proposing your crush: “Whenever I hear your name, I just don’t get butterflies, I feel the whole damn zoo running around in my stomach. Will you be mine?”
  • Proposing to your best friend: “You know my highs and my lows, but I only want to be high on You! Please be my drug.”
  • Proposing to Game lover: If you and your bae are Pubg lovers, then this one is for you. “I will always revive you in the game I promise, promise me to revive in life.”
  • Propose to your girl-friend: “Baby lets laugh together, cry together, clean together, cook together and even broken together. Let’s have a life together. Please say ‘Yes’!
  • Proposing to become lovers from friends: “If you smile back at me, I promise you will feel ecstatic. If you go out on a date with me, I promise it will be romantic. If you say you like me too, I promise it will be pure magic. If you be mine, I promise it will be fantastic.”

Prior preparations are important but the actual execution is where you need to shine. Follow these basic tips to make your proposal remarkable.

Always be early at the venue. This way you can make sure all the elements you planned are fine and in case something is out of place, you can fix it. Choose a suitable venue based on your style. Have a crisp look with proper grooming and appropriate attire. Bring a suitable gift like a ring, balloons or champagne to mark the day.

Go get the love of your life! Happy Propose Day

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