Rose Day

Happy Rose Day!

‘A rose for my Rose!’, Wish her with this greeting and start the most romantic week of the year with fervor. The first day of Valentine’s week, February 7th is celebrated as Rose Day. All the lovers are filled with passion and want to start the journey of love with something special. Special feelings are usually commemorated with a memento. And what token of love is better than a Rose?

Flowers have traditionally been a part of all celebrations throughout history. And roses are considered as the symbol of beauty and passion, this makes them a perfect souvenir for adorning your loved one. The origin of the rose as a symbol of love prominently comes Greek mythology.

According to Greeks, the Goddess of Love-Aphrodite created roses. The story goes that once Adonis the lover of Aphrodite was wounded gravely during a hunting trip by a wild boar. Hearing this news, the Goddess rushed to her beau’s side and cried fervently. From the blood of Adonis and tears of Aphrodite, grew an aromatic red rose.

Roses have been often mentioned in ancient history and there is even mention of their cultivation in literature. Presently, the oldest rose resides in Germany at the Cathedral of Hildesheim dating back to A.D. 815. It even survived the 1945 bombing that destroyed the Cathedral.

With more than 100 species, rose is the only flower that has been revered with such status by lovers, friends, devotees and religions alike. Rose is one of the only three flowers mentioned in the Bible.

Rose as a gift is not a mere gesture. But it communicates the person’s feelings to the other one. There is a tradition of gifting a different colored rose to your loved one based on your emotions.

Red Rose

The red rose represents passion and love. The best way to say ‘I love you’, is with a red rose. So, on Rose day when a person presents their cherished one with the red rose, it automatically poses a question of whether that love will be reciprocated or not. If the receiver accepts the rose it means ‘Yes’ and they do not then respect them and move on.

Yellow Rose

The yellow rose signifies warmth and friendliness. The sparkle of yellow symbolizes positivity and it can lift anyone’s mood. On Rose day you can treasure an existing friend and even make a new one by gifting them yellow rose.

“Yellow rose felt jealous of red rose,

It cherished being yellow

When it realized FRIENDSHIP lasts forever.

Unlike LOVE! – Ramakrushna Mohapatra

Pink Rose

Pink rose suggests adoration and appreciation. If you simply want to thank someone for being a part of life, then go for a pink rose. This person can be a co-worker, mentor, spiritual guide or even a parent. Thank them for their contribution to your journey and make them smile.

Magenta Rose

Magenta rose honors grace and elegance. If you want to compliment a person on their personality and the way they carry themselves, magenta rose is your best choice. Sometimes a simple validation from others makes your day. Present them with this rose simply wish them to ‘have a wonderful day!’.

White Rose

“White is not a mere absence of color.

It is a shining and affirmative thing,

As fierce as Red, as definite as black.”- Anonymous

White rose represents peace and humility. Whether you have been fighting with someone or for some unknown reason you do not get along, then white rose is your answer. With this rose, you symbolically ask for a cease-fire and a fresh start. If you have ever hurt a person, then white rose is a beautiful apology on the Rose day.

Orange Rose

Orange rose connotes pride and desire. Matters of the heart are complicated and sometimes can not define the exact nature of your feelings. The zone between friendship and love is quite blurry. To indicate that you wish to break the barrier of friendzone, orange rose is a perfect choice. This gesture will send a message that you want to upgrade the level of bonding but organically. You can also present orange rose to someone you are proud of.

“The best relationships start as friendships first.”

Lavender Rose

Lavender Rose indicates enchantment and magnificence. There are no words to describe the magic of love at first sight. But with lavender rose, you can express the poetry of your love-struck heart in a single gesture. Very few other shades of color come close to the beauty of red rose as lavender rose. It is distinct and lets your loved one know that they are one of a kind and you very well know that!

Roses are in high demand throughout the year. However, during Valentine’s week, their demand skyrockets. For florists, Rose day is the ultimate holiday. Freshly cut flowers are the most popular variety among consumers. The major customer base includes men. This day is the spot-on opportunity for men to be chivalrous, and they leave no stone untouched.

Flower shops often have advance orders for specific flowers as they are hard to acquire. For example, lavender roses are rare so if you plan on gifting them, make sure to place a prior order. Many companies provide online order service as well. You can directly get the roses delivered to your loved ones and surprise them.

According to the Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 2019, Netherlands is ranked first among the cut roses exporting nations with 42.32% of the world’s share. On the other side, the US is the second-largest cut roses importer globally with 17.72% of the share.

In a nutshell, roses hold great value in the portrayal of love, gratitude, forgiveness, new beginnings and so on. Based on the color of rose you can say the unspoken words. However, as a present, you should include a greeting card or personal message along with the rose to make it more intimate. Remember, the flowers gifted may fade over time but their fragrance should always remain a part of your relationship!

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