Valentine’s Week List

Valentine’s Week List 2020

February is the month of celebration for lovers. For the entire year, love-struck couples play hide and seek to steal some moments of affection. The impending career pressures and hectic modern lifestyle often causes fall-outs, rough patches and lack of spark in the relationship. But then there comes a week in February, that gives you a second chance. Yes, you guessed right. It is none other than Valentine’s Week!

Seven days involving seven different emotions and seven stages of falling in love. Whether you want to make your crush your valentine or rekindle the romance in your relationship, these seven days can make it happen.

The week starts on 7th February and ends on 14th February. Let’s live the journey of love and get to know the importance of each day.

Valentine’s Week Dates 2020

Below is a short list of Valentine’s Week Dates 2020.

  • Rose Day [February 7, 2020- Friday]
  • Propose Day [ February 8, 2020- Saturday]
  • Chocolate Day [ February 9, 2020- Sunday]
  • Teddy Day [ February 10, 2020- Monday]
  • Promise Day [ February 11, 2020- Tuesday]
  • Hug Day [ February 12, 2020- Wednesday]
  • Kiss Day [ February 13, 2020- Thursday]
  • Valentine’s Day [ February 14, 2020- Friday]

Let us look at Valentine’s Week Dates in detail:

Rose Day [February 7, 2020- Friday]

O my Love’s like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June;O my Love’s like the melody that’s sweetly played in tune – Robert Burns

Red is the color of passion and Rose is the symbol of beauty. Red Rose is the epitome of Love. The first day of Valentine’s week is thus called Rose Day. On this day the lover declares his/her love for their beau with a red rose. Single people can make their interest known to their potential match, while committed ones can commence the celebration of love this year.

Propose Day [ February 8, 2020- Saturday]

This second day is the official day of the year to declare your love for one another. The proposal is a tricky maneuver and needs preparation and correct timing. On this day open your heart and ask out your beloved. Bring a ring or any gift you deem fit but make sure you remain honest. If they say ‘Yes’ it’s a dream come true, but if not then respect them and be chivalrous.

Chocolate Day [ February 9, 2020- Sunday]

Chocolate is happiness that you can eat.”- Ursula Kohaupt

Every new beginning should start with some sweetness. When this sweetness comes in the form of chocolates, your loved one will surely enjoy it. Chase them, cheer them, cherish them and charm them with these sweet treats.

Teddy Day [ February 10, 2020- Monday]

Soft toys are for the child in us. Most girls love soft toys as they are the best cuddly friends. Spread the joy and cuteness in your partner’s life by gifting them a teddy bear. You can not always be physically present to make them cozy, so with this fluffy friend be close to them. Most popular teddy bears are the life-size ones. You can also choose to record and put a personal message in the teddy bear.

Promise Day [ February 11, 2020- Tuesday]

A promise is a cloud, fulfillment is rain. – Anonymous

Promises are a big part of a love life. From a proposal to marriage, every stage requires a promise. This year make a promise to your loved one that signifies your loyalty, commitment, honesty, and pureness. The new lovers can promise to embark on the journey with trust and existing ones can promise to keep the trust intact. Make sure to mark the promise with a present.

Hug Day [ February 12, 2020- Wednesday]

According to a study by APA PsycNET, hugs can help a person express their emotions better. It inspires comfort, strength, and safety in the person when hugged by a loved one.

This is the reason, 6th day of this week is declared a Hug day. Shower your bae with hugs and make them forget all the troubles of life. Make up for those days when you forgot an anniversary, canceled a date, had silly fights or slept on a goodnight call. Your hugging style also conveys the message you want to give. A bear hug suggests support and protection, a tight hug shows intensity, a side hug shows togetherness and a hug from behind makes you perfect for each other!

Kiss Day [ February 13, 2020- Thursday]

With wide-open eyes, she looked at me,

And climbing up, upon my knee,

Gave me a kiss, which touched my heart

And launched a pain, as if a dart- Ernestine Northover

A kiss is an entrance to someone’s soul. The first kiss is the most special moment of any relationship. At that moment two strangers become one soul for a few heavenly seconds and physically express their love. This is the reason that penultimate day to Valentine’s day is Kiss Day. On this day, you can finally enunciate your passion for the one you have been courting. The couples can surprise each other, makeup or celebrate their ardor with this amazing gesture. So, seal the deal with a kiss!

Valentine’s Day [ February 14, 2020- Friday]

Will you be my Valentine?’

This single question is a dream for the hopeless romantics and its answer is the deciding moment of their life. It all comes down to this final day. All the work is done, the surprises, sweet treats, cute gifts, etc. is 200% worth if your cherished one says ‘Yes’. The day itself is special but you can make it extra special with some romantic activities like a candlelight dinner, close dance, a musical concert, a getaway or simply a romantic movie on your couch.

Valentine’s day gifts are also highly anticipated and require unique thoughts behind them. Make sure to put your real feelings in the present. A greeting card, flowers, personalized gifts, surprise trip and so on are the most popular options.

In final words, love is not just an emotion, but a way of life. The seven days of this Valentine’s week can either offer you a new beginning or solidify your commitment. Some responses might be favorable while some may not. But never give up on love. As Teresa of Avila said, “Every part of the journey is of importance to the whole.” So, enjoy every single day with zest and celebrate the festival of love.

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