Happy New Year

Happy New Year: The New Year is celebrated with great pomp, from the midnight of 31 December, people burst firecrackers, host parties and enjoy with their friends and relatives and welcome the new year.

New Years celebrated in India:

Hindu New Year

It is also called Hindu Nav Samvatsar or even Naya Samvat. It is believed that from this day Lord Brahma began the creation of this world. A New year of Vikram Samvat begins from this day. It is celebrated in several regions of India under the titles Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, etc.

Punjabi New Year

Vaishakhi is celebrated as new year in Punjab. Which comes in April. According to the Sikh Nanakshahi calendar, the next day of Holi is considered as the beginning of the new year.

Christian New Year

The celebration of the new year on 1st January was started from 15 October by following the Gregorian calendar. Julius Caesar made the Julian calendar in the 45th year before Christ. Since then we celebrate New Year on 1 January.

Jain New Year

The New Year of the Jain community begins from the next day of Diwali. It is also known as the Veer Nirvana era. From this day the Jain community celebrates their new year.

Parsi New Year

Navroz festival is celebrated as the new year of Parsi. The festival of Navroz is usually celebrated on 19 August. 3000 years back, Shah Jamsetji began celebrating Navroz.

Mind-blowing facts about the new year:

  1. According to the Georgian calendar, New Year’s Day or Saint Sylvester’s Day is celebrated on January 1.
  2. Venice is the first country in the world who start celebrating the new year on January 1 since 1522.
  3. The Ethiopian calendar has 13 months, so 2006 is started in 2013 and New year’s Day usually falls on September 11.
  4. Once Google has announced an offer of USD $20 million to any private team that can land on the moon.
  5. Mercury’s New Year occurs every 88 earth days because It has an average speed of 47.362 km/sec.
  6. In ancient times there were four new years in Jews calendar.
  7. In Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka and Cambodia the Buddhist new year celebrated for three days.
  8. Chinese New Year celebrated by Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and many other Asian countries on January 21.
  9. Indians celebrate New Year on different dates such as January 1, April 8, April 14 and October 31.
  10. A new year is celebrated according to the 80 types of calendars including, Egyptian calendars, the Gregorian calendar, Indian calendar, Chinese calendars, and Roman calendar.

New Year Traditions From Around the World:

  1. At midnight on New Year’s Eve in Ecuador, things go up in flames, specifically, scarecrows go up in flames. These represent all the bad things from the previous 12 months. the scarecrows are often an image of a disliked person, celebrity or politician. Or perhaps, they’re just a nation of pyromaniacs.
  2. In the Philippines, New Year is all about round things. Round food, round designs on clothing, round decorations – basically anything circular goes. Round things represent money and Filipinos believe the more round things you have and use at New Year, the more wealth and prosperity you will have in the upcoming 12 months.
  3. In Denmark, if you wake up in the morning you’ll see lots of broken plates outside your door. Throughout the year, plates that haven’t been used are stored, before being thrown against the door of friends and family as a sign of affection.
  4. In Spain, as the clock approaches midnight, people hold a bunch of grapes in their hands. To be exact, one needs to stuff his/her mouth with 12 grapes, one grape for each ring of the bell. The challenge is to put all 12 grapes in your mouth at once – succeed and good luck lies in store for the upcoming year. It is believed that grapes represent wishes.
  5. In various parts of Latin and South America, your fortune and favor for the new year is decided by the color of the underwear that you’re wearing. If it’s the love you’re searching for, you should choose red underwear. Yellow signifies wealth, luck and prosperity. You should opt for white if you’re hoping for peace. If only life was so simple.
  6. In Italy, Residents launch their New Year’s celebrations by literally launching old pots, pans, appliances, and furniture out their windows – supposedly to signify throwing away past unhappiness to prepare yourself for the future.
  7. In Thailand, People dress traditionally and spray water on each other’s faces to symbolize the washing away the sins from the old year. Major streets are closed to traffic to set up arenas for the huge water fights. Thais have been celebrating the 1st January as New Year officially since 1940.

Best places to celebrate the new year:


London is famous for its extraordinary new year celebrations and many people who enjoy their new year’s eve in London. People usually gather in the center of London, precisely on the icon of London, the Big Ben clock. Every year tens of thousands of people usually gather in the area to watch various performances of fireworks. What an experience that certainly won’t be forgotten when you can celebrate the New Year’s celebration there.

New York

New York is a destination city for millions of people to celebrate New Year’s Eve. People usually gather in Times Square, New York City, which hosts the world’s most spectacular new year celebrations. At midnight, a large fireworks display begins accompanied by a stack of iconic balls and massive paper explosions.


New Year celebrations in Japan are different from new year celebrations in other countries. Japanese prefer to spend their New Year’s eve at home, watching popular TV shows and visiting temples in the afternoon or in the middle of the night.


In Tokyo, the best place to celebrate the new year is in Shibuya where crowds gather in the middle of the night to watch spectacular fireworks and release balloons in the countdown before the year changes.


Vienna is one of the cities in Austria that is famous as they host of one of the most famous Christmas markets in the whole world and it is visited by many people. not only during the Christmas celebration but shortly after Christmas, the beautiful walks in this beautiful city are still crowded. none other than to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Hofburg Palace, and city hall are the main places where celebrations are held. the unique celebration begins with a wine party.

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