New Year Celebration Ideas

The New Year has knocked on the door and started peeping in while we were busy with Christmas celebrations. We should be thinking of New Year celebration ideas to make the most of the coming delights from the new year. The new year is the time to introspect the whole year and get a fresh look at what had been done in the passing year.

We should not get sad what has happened in the past, but welcome the new year with great enthusiasm and happiness. In the same way, we should never be worried about the time that has passed in life, but we should welcome the upcoming time. It hurts us to think about what has passed, so embrace the opportunities that are on the way and try to make life beautiful with them. Let us have a look at New Year celebration ideas to make this new year a happy new year and create lifelong memories of the new year celebration.

New Year Celebration:

In almost all the religions of India, the New Year is celebrated on different days instead of January 1. In Gujarat, the next day of Diwali is celebrated as New Year, while in Punjab, New Year is celebrated on Baisakhi. In Maharashtra, New New Year is celebrated on Gudi Padwa in April, while people of West Bengal and Bangladesh also celebrate New Year around Baisakhi. In the Islamic calendar, the new year is known as Muharram. But now the modern practice of celebrating New Year has started in almost the entire country on January 1.

The calendar beginning from January 1 is called the Gregorian calendar. It was named after Pope Grigori. This calendar, which came into force from October 15, 1582, is now famous worldwide. Based on this, the tradition of celebrating the new year has started on January 1.

New Year Celebration Ideas at home

New Year Dance Party

Welcome the new year 2020 with dancing and singing. Keep a music system in that room and dance with friends or family, but don’t forget to keep the volume down a little so that someone else’s new year is not spoiled because of you.

New Year Celebration House party

If you are not able to go out, cook good food at home and enjoy the New Year’s Eve with your family. Invite your friends to your house and do lots of fun.

New Year Celebration Games

Many people play cards and carrom at other festivals, and you may have played too! You can do the same on New Year’s Day. The whole family sits together and play the game according to the number of members. If you are more than four, then you can enjoy games like Antakshari.

New Year Long drive

Celebrate New Year’s in such a way that it becomes a trendsetter for the people. A long trip with your better half in a lovely evening of New Year’s Eve is a better option. Go and decorate your car with balloons and go out, see the beauty of nature and enjoy.

Plan a movie 

In the New Year celebration, everyone is busy in hotels, away from home. In such a situation, watching a movie is a good idea. Watch your favorite movie. Yes, its best Book tickets at the cinema hall. Keep in mind that the best movie theatre in the city, where there is a special arrangement for the New Year.

Places to go on a trip for New Year Celebration in India

New Year Celebration in Goa

Goa is a paradise for party lovers. New Year parties in Goa are fantastic. There is a singing, dancing, eating, partying, and so much more the whole go are lit up as a New Year approaches all the churches the beaches looking beautiful as ever during New Year.

New Year Celebration in Mumbai 

Mumbai is the city of dreams, and it is one of the best places in India to celebrate New Year’s Eve party. People dance and do lots of fun all night with a lot of enthusiasm. Marine Drive is a bliss for people living in Mumbai. Marine Drive is the go-to place for New Year Celebrations as well as to cheer up with your friends and enjoy the exotic view of the ocean and the city.

New Year Celebration in Bengaluru

There are many places in Bengaluru where the celebration of New Year is just awesome. While being recognized as an IT hub, the city does not lag in terms of party and celebration. There are many pubs and restaurants in Bengaluru, where New Year celebrations can be enjoyed refreshingly.

New Year Celebration in McLeod Ganj 

McLeod Ganj is located in Himachal Pradesh, the little town of McLeod Ganj. McLeod Ganj, a popular tourist attraction for natives and foreigners, makes it an excellent choice for enjoying their drinks and having colorful time on New Year’s Eve.

New Year Celebration in Diu

It is a small beautiful island situated on the southern tip of the Saurashtra peninsula of Gujarat. Diu, famous for its famous beaches, has gorgeous views of sunrise and sea waves. Here dates and coconut trees are seen. It is quite exciting to see big tides coming from the Arabian Sea. If you are interested in history, then you will like to visit Diu. Many kings had ruled the place in ancient and medieval times. Subsequently, this area became a colony of the Portuguese. After India gained independence, it was declared a union territory.

New Year Celebration in Puducherry

The beachside parties are the main attraction of Puducherry, making it one of the best new your destination in India. You can plan for Puducherry in advance so that you can enjoy every moment. New year celebration of Pondicherry will surely give you the best memorable time of life

New Year Celebration in Delhi

There are many places here where you can celebrate overnight by dancing with good food, unlimited drinks, and music. These include Garage Ink, located in Hauz Khas, and a famous nightclub named Kitty Su. In this nightclub situated in the Lalit Hotel of Barakhamba, Central Delhi, you can also enjoy drinks between dance and music.

New Year Celebration in Run of Kutch, Gujarat

In January-February, Indians and foreign tourists reach the Run of Kutch in Gujarat. Every year the ‘Rann Utsav’ is held in the Rann of Kutch. The sand sheet stretches far and wide in the moonlight nights. During this time, tourists from India and abroad get an opportunity to get familiar with the culture of Gujarat. During the Rann Utsav, tourists are accommodated in tents and camels are also given rides.

That was all for new year celebration ideas for this new year. Keep us posted with your opinions in the comments section.

Happy New Year

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