Hug Day

All the riches and all the great deeds, but your Hug is all I need- Happy Hug Day!

Hug Day date

Hug day is the sixth day of valentine’s week. Hug day date falls on February 12, every year. Learn more about it in detail as mentioned below.

Love is not just a word, but a feeling. Often it is said that emotions do not need to be shown, they reflect in your actions. The first expression of love is always verbal. But as time progresses, the words are not enough. In fact, after a time, words even lose the value if they are not accompanied by any gestures or in your mannerisms. In relationships, couples tend to take physical intimacy slowly if they are planning a future.

Human is a social animal and encounters several people and situations throughout a single day. At times the manifestation of appreciation, support, safety, and comfort demand physical contact. At such times, a hug is all you need. A hug is the epitome of warmth and security.

As Valentine’s week approaches, couples start planning for trips, gifts, chocolates, etc. But there is hardly any thought put into the 6th day i.e., the Hug Day. It falls on February 12. After promises have been made, the confections, flowers, and toys have been shared, the wait for the climatic 8th day is compelling. But the journey of love requires patience and attention. So, the importance of Hug day is not any less than the final day.

Scientifically it is believed that an average person needs 8-12 hugs a day to maintain a positive outlook in life. This is supported by ancient Indian Vedas. The scriptures indicate that hugging activates the receiver’s Solar Plexus Chakra, which is directly associated with confidence and self-worth. Thus, a hug to your loved one can highly boost their morale.

According to scientific studies, hugs reduce the stress levels in a person by releasing the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin during the act. Another study published by the Holistic Nursing Practice, suggests that hugs can be therapeutic. The results reflected the reduction in the pain level of the group when introduced to touch therapy that included hugs.

Apart from being a kind gesture, hugs are also a form of greeting widely accepted across the world nowadays. For example, in Europe and Latin America at social gatherings, men usually greet each other with an open brief hug, while women are greeting with a one-armed hug and a kiss on the cheek. Millennials most commonly hug each other when they meet.

As a result of falling just 2 days before the V-day, Hug day has quite a pressure. By the time you cross the levels of confession, proposal and gift exchanges the relationship has also progressed. Now mere gifts can not take you forward. The thought in your action and willingness to make something special can win your beloved’s heart now. A hug can tell leaps and bounds about a person. The response to your hug can tell you the level of intimacy allowed in your relationship. E.g., if your beau does not relieve the hug before you and it lasts for more than 10 seconds, then it’s a sign that they are fair with you.

Types of hugs

If you are new in the love game, and do not know the dynamics of hugging and choosing your response, then you should carefully pick your style. The below given are some popular styles.

Bear hug: A tight hug saying you are mine and I am always there for you. It resembles protection and safety from you to your partner. This one is usually picked by men. You should choose this when your relationship has reached a mature stage.

Side hug: A side-hug says that I am glad to see you but that’s it! It is usually shared between co-workers or people on the first date. The upper bodies only touch in this one, indicating an invisible distance in the relationship. If you get this hug, then straight up understand that your date is not looking for a long-term relationship.

One-way hug: A one-way hug says that I care for you. It is usually offered as a sign of comfort. The receiver usually does not reciprocate. But it is not a negative omen as people often need a hug when they depressed or can not take care of themselves. If the receiver pulls away or flinches, then you should back off.

Intimate hug: An intimate hug is a non-verbal confirmation of ‘I love you’. This hug is a full embrace with eye contact and longing for each other. It is not just a hug but a declaration of being one.

Back hug: This hug says that you belong to me and this is forever. It is given when you want to surprise the partner with a sudden display of affection. The best part is it can be done anywhere and anytime!

Hug Day Gifts

After choosing your hug for this day, you should also consider gifting something in the spirit of the Hug Day. There are numerous varieties of gifts available in the market relating to this day. But to commemorate this day, your gift should reflect personal care and comfort. These are a few unique options.

Poncho blanket: A warm outfit that is comfortable and can be worn to bed. This will eliminate the need for extra covers. Poncho blankets are easily available online with plenty of colors and designs.

Throw blanket: A throw blanket is something you carry around the house and snuggle in while watching TV or reading. It comes in many fun designs. You can even customize the blanket with your beloved’s favorite fictional character, his/her name or a quirky message.

Siamese blanket: This one is for the couples that are lovey-dovey in the real sense. A large blanket with sleeves on both sides. You can wear this while your Netflix and Chill time!

Couple’s perfume: This is the safest gift as you can seldom go wrong with perfume. You can gift your partner the set and you can both wear that cologne during your commemorative hug. Or you can both gift each the perfumes of individual choice.

Wishing you the coziest Hug day ever!

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