Kiss Day

Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back- Happy Kiss Day

Kiss Day date

Kiss day is the second last day of valentine’s week. Kiss day date falls on February 13, every year. Learn more about it in detail as mentioned below.

Everyone’s life is filled with ups and downs. To counter that turmoil, love is the best medicine. Loving is the way of life. Every person needs a loved one to survive through the test of time. It requires the expression of feelings from time to time. Spoken words can make you and the beau happy. But after a point in the relationship, the verbal expression has its limitations.

At such point and time, there arises a need for physical intimacy. Physical contact is scientifically proved to be therapeutic and it often conveys your feelings faster than words. It is said that eternal bonds are formed between souls, but even God had to work the earth himself from time to time. The journey of forever starts in mortal forms. Thus, the physical act of being close is not something to be ashamed of. It is a divine link between two humans that binds them.

After six successful days of Valentine’s week, the journey nears to end with the penultimate day. 7th day of the week is celebrated as Kiss Day on November, 13th. With V-day just a step ahead, there is a lot of pressure on this day. The day demands not only to be special but a perfect set up for the final day.

There are much anticipation and excitement among couples. With an amazing kiss, you can make your bae feel special and loved. The gesture is not just an act of love, but it has a lot relying on it. Couples are often compatible on an intellectual level but their physical compatibility is off. Kiss is a reality check of your overall harmony. That first kiss can portray a picture of what your future will be like.

For example, Rachel correctly said in F.R.I.E.N.D.S., “Everything you need to know is in that first kiss!”

The fate of Valentine’s day is also dependent on your kiss.

Unlike the popular opinion, a kiss is not just a deed for pleasure. It is a crucial stride to evolve in your relationship. This act is a test of your mutual trust and comfort. The response to a kiss can decide how far you have come and also how far you can go. So, seal the deal and seal their lips with a kiss!

A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous.”

Kiss is not just a part of the modern public display of affection. Every culture has a different meaning and acceptance associated with this act of passion. Though it is not welcomed whole-heartedly in the public in Indian society, there are many counties where kissing is quite common.

The Inuit people in the colder regions of Alaska and Canada, do not perform lip kiss in the snowy climate. They brush their noses together as an act of intimacy. Public kissing in most Islamic states is illegal. On the other hand, there is a tradition among Arab men to greet each other by a kiss on cheeks. In Europe also there is a trend of kissing on the cheeks as a greeting. In the U.S. parents are allowed to kiss infants on lips as the display of parental warmth.

In Western culture, the kiss is an inbuilt custom in many events. For example, in Christianity, the disciples offer their respect to the Pope by kissing the ring on his hand. At the time of Christmas, people usually hang mistletoe in their homes. It is believed that two people kissing under mistletoe are a potential match. During weddings in the West, the Minister asks the couple to kiss as validation of their new bond.

What makes a kiss a ‘great kiss’

To mark this day and make it memorable, you should try to perfect the kiss. A great kiss involves many factors apart from your intent. Here is a list of them.

  • Timing: Any intimate gesture requires planning to make it effective. A well-timed kiss requires observation and undivided attention to your partner. Sense the correct moment and steal the perfect kiss.
  • The element of Surprise: a Kiss is an act that is filled with excitement before and after. A relationship where comfort level good and you know your partner will give their consent, a surprise kiss is a good choice. It shows your wittiness, playfulness, and intensity.
  • Reading signs: The entire game of love relies on reading signs of the partner and listening to the unspoken words. When you are together, your beloved certainly gives some hints if they want to be kissed. You have to catch those drifts and act on them. E.g., if your date is looking at your lips while talking, they want you to initiate a kiss.
  • Post kiss behavior: Kissing is not just complete when you part away. It is a very intimate experience and often your bae needs a few seconds to be stable. Women especially need time to gather their thoughts after an intense kiss. So, make sure you hug them and make comfortable and only relieve them after they are ready.

Types of kisses

Simply kissing is not enough. The choice of kiss and the technique says a lot about your motivation and the expected response. Here are some common kissing techniques that identify with different degrees of closeness.

  • Forehead kiss: It reflects admiration and care. A forehead kiss is given when you want to make the sure partner feels adored.
  • French kiss: This one is quite passionate as it involves much tongue action. It suggests passion and depth.
  • Earlobe Kiss: This kiss is a suggestive act. It targets seducing your loved one’s erogenous zone to let them know that you are ready for the next level of physical intimacy.
  • Lingering kiss: It is a lip to lip kiss that is performed for a long time in intervals. It is mostly famous among new lovers who are filled with desire.

In final words, an act of passion is a part of love life but only physical value makes it mechanical. Make sure to put your thought and honestly in the kiss.

We wish you a very Happy Kiss Day

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