Valentine’s Day

Will you be my Valentine this Valentine’s day?

What is Valentine’s day? Before answering this, we need to ask another question. What is love? A word that makes you smile, a word that makes you blush, a word that aches your heart or a word that’s meaning is a mystery to you? Answers are many because it is not just a word, it is a force nature. It strikes ever heart differently. It means life to some and it means survival for some.

No matter what role love plays in your life, but the celebration of this core emotion is inspired. Here comes the time of year when every love is special. February 14, is celebrated as Valentine’s day. It is the finale of the official romance week of the year. The day that is fruit to all your efforts for the beloved. The ultimate day of romance where Red is the color of entirety.

Valentine’s day is often called a commercial extravaganza. It seems forced or cheesy to a lot of people. But it is a logical act of rejoicing love. The reason being, love is omnipresent but gauchely acknowledged. Every human has a biological affinity to be revered. This day is the symbol of venerating your partner. So, the concept that heartens people is not smug, but humane.

Who is your Valentine?

Merriment is bound to happen, but have you given a thought who you are doing it with? Common is the answer is girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. But this a magical day and anything can happen!

Your ideal Valentine is the person who completes you, who makes you feel you belong in this existence, the missing piece of the puzzle that makes you one. This person can be a friend, betrothed, your spouse, your parent or even yourself.

Singles should revel in the fact that they are enjoying the joy ride and have spirit in the heart to fall in love be committed to someone. A person going through heartbreak does not need to isolate, they should celebrate their courage. A relationship may break, but memories do not. They should be proud of the truth that they have a story worth telling.

Couples should not only commemorate their love but their togetherness, that happens only when the fate smiles at you!

Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”- Franklin P. Jones

How to celebrate Valentine’s day this year?

The basic framework for celebration includes gifts, fine dining, music, etc. But for a perfect Valentine’s day, kick it up a notch with the personalized fete. Here are three styles you can pick based on your vibe this year.

  • Go Big: If you and the beloved love grandeur and live for drama, then this is your way. Pull all the stops by picking them up with flowers, dining at a lavish joint, romantic music, popping the question, followed by a close dance. The party buffs can attend V-day special events. These events have a couple of games, perky music, dancing, and overall fun experience.
  • Go Economic: For the sensitive ones, a thoughtful gesture is more of a way to go. You can recreate your first date in a way that the partner does not suspect. You can build a makeshift fort at home and live in your haven for the day. Have all the coziness and privacy combined innocence. A simple wine and dine at home can never go wrong. If you have good culinary skills, you can prepare a gourmet meal of your beau’s taste.
  • Go Spontaneous: Excitement is elemental in keeping the spark alive. Spontaneity can rekindle your initial phase fire. Do not plan ahead of the V-day. Just do something that comes up first in the mind.

E.g., Become Jim Carry from the movie Yes Man: take a trip to a random place, just pack your bags, go to the airport and take the next flight available.

Order food for each other at the restaurant, trust your partner’s choice.

For spontaneity in private, you can try food in the bedroom like strawberries, honey, cheese, chocolates, etc.

Set the bar high this Valentine

This year do one thing unique, that marks a milestone in your relationship. An honest act of love that comes from your heart. Here are some directions you can choose to go to.

  • Discover them: Routine conversation is very easy, exchanging pleasantries, discussing friends and family, shop talk and so on is fine but it is not profound. Get real with some soulful topics that you usually avoid or never get time to discuss. Make plans, know what is working between you and what is not, share a secret, etcetera.
  • Dress to Impress: This occasion is about giving, so pick your attire based on the partner’s choice. Everyone has a vision of how their bae should look. Be that prince or princess of their dream on the V- day.
  • Live the fantasy: Everyone has a fantasy with their beloved. A longing to do something just with the special one. Fulfill your fantasies like enacting a scene from a favorite movie, dancing to the favorite song, kissing on the rooftop in Titanic pose, a fiction themed date (Harry Potter, Disney princess, Cowboy, etc.) experimenting in the bedroom and the like.
  • Pop the Question: The day is filled with the spirit of love. But if you forget to commemorate it with the keywords, then it will not be perfect. Make sure you officiate the day with, “Will you be my Valentine?” Take extra care to time the question when you both are completely in sync and dignify it with a gift and a kiss.

In final words, Valentine’s week is not a brand campaign, it is an attempt to fill today’s lonely generation with love. And Valentine’s day is not a day to dread, but a day to dream and make it happen. Life is not easy for anyone, but the struggle for survival becomes effortless when you know someone is holding your hand.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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