Teddy Day

‘I love you, Beary, much!’- Happy Teddy Day

Teddy Day date

Teddy day is the fourth day of valentine’s week. Teddy day date falls on February 10, every year. Learn more about it in detail as mentioned below.

Life is not a bed of roses; the reality check starts in our 20’s and hits us by the ’30s. In the process of growing up, we often lose the qualities that make us who we are. And the most valuable characteristic we lose is ‘innocence’. Everything is simple till we think with the clarity of a child’s mind, but going gets tough when we push away that virtue and start being inconsiderate instead of practical.

When the insensitivity becomes part of a relationship, the spark starts fading away. Honesty moves out of the window and the invisible wall between the lovers keeps mounting up. But fortunately, every year you have one definite chance to resolve all the issues. Valentine’s week brings the opportunity to start afresh and rekindle the lost romance in your relationship. And to bring the childlike candid back, we have the Teddy day.

Teddy Day is the third day of Valentine’s week falling on February 10. It is the day of bringing back that lost smile on your loved one’s face. The day of calling back to your childhood. And the day to get goofy and fall for him/her again.

Any person is a reflection of their childhood. Their personality, likes, fears, and merits are formed on the base of their upbringing. To form a new relationship or better understand an existing one, a throwback to the past is a rudimentary effort. On Teddy day you do not simply have to gift a teddy bear to the loved one, but make an attempt to get to know them on at their heart.

But the question is, why is Teddy bear so important? What is the actual thought behind using this plush toy as a declaration of your love? The answer lies in the attributes of this magnificent animal and the story of this soft toy’s origin.

According to Ellie Lamb (a bear viewing guide), bears are beautiful, strong, and empathetic creatures. They have a strong sense of commune and compassion for their kind. This sense of protection from bears and their loving appearance makes them extra cute when embodied in the form of a soft toy.

Now, the story of the origin of Teddy bears is connected with the 26th President of the U.S. Theodore Roosevelt. He was a seasoned hunter and often took hunting trips with his buddies. On such an occasion on November 14, 1902, Theodore’s assistants along with former Confederate cavalryman Holt Collier trapped a black bear and tied it to a tree. As Roosevelt had not caught a single bear during the trip, they asked him to take the bear. The president refused to kill the bear, stating that it was unfair and not in the spirit of hunting.

This news spread like wildfire in the U.S. On November 16, 1902, a satirical cartoonist Clifford Berryman did a piece on the encounter. This struck an idea in a Brooklyn shop owner Morris Michtom’s mind, and he and the missus created a stuffed toy bear and dedicated it to the president naming it ‘Teddy Bear’. Roosevelt sporting approved, and the toy was mass-produced. It received phenomenal response owing to which Michtom launched the Ideal Toy Company. Since then, ‘Teddy Bears’ have always ruled the world of toys.

This plush toy is not only delightful but comes in several different varieties. The elementary division of types can be done based on colors, styles, and sizes.

Teddy Bear Colors

Pink teddy: This one signifies adoration. So, if you have a crush, gift them the pink one.

White teddy: The white one suggests peace. If you simply want a platonic relationship and keep the current status intact, then go for the white teddy bear.

Red teddy: The red teddy is a symbol of passion. So, if you want to say the 3 magic words then red one is the right choice.

Orange teddy: Orange indicates intensity. So, if you want to convey someone that they are ‘the one’ for you, then gift them the orange teddy bear.

Brown teddy: The brown one suggests regret. So, if you want to send a signal that your beau has wronged in you somehow and the matter needs to be fixed, go for the brown one.

Blue teddy: The blue color represents depth. If you are deeply in love with someone and want to love them back the same way, gift them the royal blue teddy bear.

Teddy Bear Sizes

They say size does not matter. But believe me, it does! The size of the teddy bear you choose should depend on the level of commitment you have. For the initial phase where you have been dating for 3-4 weeks, a small teddy is enough to show that you care for them. A relationship where you are exclusive and want to convey you are always there for your beloved, a pillow sized teddy will suffice. They can carry it to bed and snuggle in thinking about you. If you have hit the level of true love and your hearts beat together, a life-size teddy sized the way to go.

Teddy Bear Styles

You can pick any style while gifting the teddy as they are all endearing. But the ultimate decision should be based on your bae’s preference. E.g. if your bae is hypersomniac, a mushy panda bear is a perfect choice. If you want your souvenir to fill their room then a teddy bear bouquet is the way to go.

For more intimate offerings, you can present a teddy with a custom message. The 3 Chinese bear set is also a popular pick. A teddy bear chair or bed is another brilliant idea to signify comfort and protection.

Lastly, if you have a fascination with soft toys, then the couple’s teddy is the perfect gift. You can have your names imprinted on the bears.

In final words, love is not just a word but a whole saga of emotions. On this Teddy day, pick the teddy that’s perfect for your bae.

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