Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day aka ‘Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaaye’!

Valentine’s week is the most romantic time of the year. It has beauty, innocence, intimacy, new beginnings and also sweetness. The sweetness is celebrated on the third day of this week with Chocolate Day, which falls on February 9. Love has many shades and this day reflects the symbolic savoring of your bond with confectionaries.

Chocolate Day Date

Chocolate Day date always falls on February 9 just after the rose day and propose day.

Don’t worry, don’t cry, Eat Chocolate and fly!”

Gifting sweet treats is not a neo concept. It has been around as part of our traditions since ancient times. Indians were the initiators in refining sugar, nearby 500BC. Five kinds of sugars were part of Indian cooking by 300BC. Sweets are an integral part of our festivals and social events. They are considered to be an auspicious omen.

Keeping in tune with this tradition, Chocolate day is also a fortunate addition to Valentine’s week. It is said that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This goes for women too. Chocolates are a way to your bae’s heart. Throughout the year couples go through ups and downs, while single people go through loneliness. All that bitterness can be drowned with a little bit of sweetness. Let go in the palatable taste of Chocolate and bring that flavor in your lover’s life.

The chocolate itself emerges from a tropical tree called Theobroma cacao in Greek, which literally translates to “the food of Gods”. Chocolate as a gift idea is also very tempting. It is ingenious yet a very thoughtful present. It shows your care in the most scrumptious form. Valentine’s week is a journey and the degree of affection needs to be graduated patiently. Thus, for the second day of week inexpensive gift of chocolates is a brilliant concept.

“Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.”

Farris & Foster’s Chocolate Factory

Apart from being pocket-friendly, chocolates are an all-inclusive offering. There is hardly an individual who does not care for chocolates. Usually, sweet-tooth indicates sweet nature, so if your beloved loves chocolate you know they are relishable. According to the World Cocoa Foundation, globally over 3 million tons of cocoa beans are consumed per year. This evidently makes chocolate the most popular confection and you can never go wrong with this gift.

Types of chocolates

In addition to being traditional, luscious, and inexpensive chocolates are also easily available. Moreover, the varieties in shapes, sizes, and packages with these confectioneries are quite impressive.

Milk Chocolate

This one comes with no less than 10% of choco liquor and 12% of milk solids. The richness of milk makes this variety extra sweet and creamy.

Dark Chocolate

This variety has at least15% of chocolate liquor and12% of milk solids. The bittersweet taste makes it a unique treat. Due to the absence of access to sugar, it is also healthy. It has also been scientifically proven favorable for the heart.

White Chocolate

The combination of milk solids, cocoa butter, and sugar makes it an off-bit treat. It goes great with fruits and nuts, further increasing the lushness.

Raw Chocolate

A completely different variety with cold-pressed cacao butter and unroasted cacao beans. This is a bar of cold chocolate and its dark color and sharp taste can make you addicted.

The diversity of this sweet treat is also visible in attractive packaging. There are many bakery shops that deliver customized gift boxes. Make your sweet presents inexorable with a themed casing that creates a memory for you and the loved one.

Seven separate studies were conducted among 114000 contributors analyzing the effect of consuming small portions of dark chocolate per week. The results revealed that dark chocolate consumption decreased their risk of suffering from a heart attack by 37% and the prospects of having stroke became 29% less than normal.

In another incident, a 30 days trial conducted by the University of Swinburne, Australia tested the effect of cocoa polyphenols (found in chocolates) on mood and cognition of a group of 72 people. The results clearly showed betterment in overall emotional response.

Why gift chocolate on chocolate day

The gifting concept is quite convenient however, you can also reimagine the concept of Chocolate Day with some out of the box execution. Here are some of the potential ideas.

  • February is a cold month so instead of giving chocolate in a ready-made form, you can make a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and share it with your partner at home with all the coziness you desire.
  • Baking is another great option to incorporate chocolate in your special day. There are numerous options available like cookies, cake, tarts, pancakes, pudding, muffins and so on.
  • Some places provide chocolate-themed arrangements. You can enjoy a getaway with chocolate-based bedroom, confections, wine, and chocolate fountains.
  • If you want to kick the romance up a notch this week, then here’s a kinky idea. Use the chocolate body paint and lather yourselves up. You can also make a couple’s body print on the canvass and have something to remember by.
  • Chocolate is an excellent gourmet cooking ingredient. It pairs well with a variety of luxury food like cheese, wine, rare fruits and the like. If you are well-versed in the culinary art, then this is your chance to shine. Prepare a scrumptious chocolate infused dish for your cherished one and win their heart.

To sum up the chocolaty goodness, this sweet treat is not just an offering but a declaration of your love in the tastiest form. Choose any method, form, and mode to gift chocolate to your lover on this Chocolate Day. But make sure that the richness of treat makes your bond stronger, the sweetness in it spreads joy in your life and the inbuilt goodness inspires positivity in you. This is for the choco lovers:

Life is like a box of chocolates and I want to share with you.

You never know what you’re getting next but I want to have it with you.”-Anonymous

I wish you the happiest Chocolate Day ever!

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